2019 Honours

The major honours will be announced at the Annual Dinner on 15th November 2019.

The 2019 Major Honours...

These will be awarded on the night of the annual dinner, and only the chairman can decided who is getting what.. if anything... so you had better turn up to the annual dinner to find out!

Honour Name Comments
Best Batsman tbc  
Best Bowler tbc  
Champagne Moment tbc  
Best Captain of the Season tbc  
Clubman tbc  

The 2019 Minor Bowling Honours*

Honour Name Comments
Bowled the most Overs... * Steve Boyle Bowled 77 overs
Bowled the most Maiden Overs... * Steve Boyle Bowled 11 maidens
Took the most wickets * Steve Boyle Took 19 wickets
Conceded the most runs Bowling * Robert Ward Conceeded 376 runs
Best Bowling Average (lowest) * Steve Boyle 14.11 (77 overs, 11 maiends, 268 runs, 19 wickets)
Best Bowling Strike Rate (lowest) * Josh Weston 16.29 (19 overs, 0 maidens, 126 runs, 7 wickets)
Most Wickets Taken in a single game Andrew Jones 5 wickets, in 4.4 overs for 18 runs.

* Minimum of 12 overs bowled.

The 2019 Minor Batting Honours

Honour Name Comments
Most Prolific Batsman Robert Ward 539 runs
Most Prolific scorer of 4's Robert Ward 71 fours.
Most Prolific scorer of 6's Paul Runacres 4 sixes
Highest Single Innings Score Robert Ward 131 runs and not out!
Highest no. of 4's in a Single Innings Score Robert Ward 21 fours
Highest no. of 6's in a Single Innings Score

James Roper, Paul Runacres, Christopher Hill

3 sixes
Scored the most half centuries Robert Ward 3 half centuries
Scored the most centuries Robert Ward 1 century

Other Minor Honours

Honour Name Comments
Busiest Groundsman tbc  
Busiest Club House Repairer tbc  
Most Prolific Stumper... Graham Perkins Three stumpings this season.
Most Prolific Catcher... Steve Boyle Six stumpings this season.
Failing to Score a half century... after getting 46 runs or more... Chris Meggs Just once when he scored 46!

Captain Honours

Captain Matches Results

Wooden Spoon Awards

Honour Name Comments
Most Number of Ducks this season Chris Meggs, Graham Perkins and Marq Hewer Each getting 4 ducks this season!

Other Interesting Facts...

Honour Name Comments
Most Common Method for a GCC Player to Lose their wicket... Bowled 48 out of 118 wickets lost
Most number of extra's given to us by the opposition! Poulshot They gave us 60 runs as extras!
Most number of extra's given away by us to the opposition! Oldbury on Severn We gave away 14 extras to them.

Number of games Cancelled

Seven We lost 7 games on sunday (5 due to the weather, and 2 due to the opposition being unable to field a team).
Number of matches GCC lost all their wickets! Three We lost all our wickets to Cricklade, Sherston and Aldbourne.
Most number of dropped catches Three Robert Ward
Caught and Bowleds Two Chris Meggs
Run Outs Graham Perkins and Robert Ward Both completing 2 run outs, this season.