2017 Honours

The major honours will be announced at the Annual Dinner on 26th January 2018.

The 2017 Major Honours...

These will be awarded on the night of the annual dinner, and only the chairman can decided who is getting what.. if anything... so you had better turn up to the annual dinner to find out!

Honour Name Comments
Best Batsman Rob Ward  
Best Bowler Al Kilfoil  
Champagne Moment Julian Howgill  
Clubman Andrew Jones  
Player's Player of the Season Andrew Jones  
Most Improved Player of the Season Graham Perkins  
Best Tea Award Faith Ward  

The 2017 Minor Bowling Honours*

Honour Name Comments
Bowled the most Overs... Andrew Jones 53 Overs, 5 Maidens, 200 Runs, 13 Wickets
Bowled the most Maiden Overs... Giles TUpper 41 Overs, 8 Maidens, 103 Runs, 4 Wickets
Took the most wickets Ali Kilfoil 50 Overs, 6 Maidens, 211 Runs, 15 Wickets
Conceded the most runs Bowling Julian Howgill 44 Overs, 1 Maiden, 296 Runs, 8 Wickets
Best Bowling Average (lowest) Tom Clay 16 Overs, 0 Maidens, 51 Runs, 8 Wickets
Best Bowling Strike Rate (lowest) Tom Clay 16 Overs, 0 Maidens, 51 Runs, 8 Wickets
Most Wickets Taken in a single game Tom Clay 6 against Andy Day Invitational 11.

* Minimum of 12 overs bowled.

The 2017 Minor Batting Honours

Honour Name Comments
Most Prolific Batsman Robert Ward 428 runs in 17 games (average of 25.1)
Most Prolific scorer of 4's Robert Ward 59 fours in 17 games (average of 2.8)
Most Prolific scorer of 6's

Robert Ward,

Giles Tupper

4 sixes in 17 games.

4 sixes in 6 games.

Highest Single Innings Score Robert Ward 73 (not out) against Cricklade, including 12 fours.
Highest no. of 4's in a Single Innings Score Graham Perkins 14 fours against Potterne (scored 68 runs)
Highest no. of 6's in a Single Innings Score Giles Tupper 3 sixes against Tintern (scored 21 runs)
Scored the most half centuries Robert Ward 3 half centuries (73 Cricklade, 61 VRA Amsterdam and 54 Stoke Flemming)
Scored the most centuries   No one scored a century this season.

Other Minor Honours

Honour Name Comments
Busiest Groundsman Richard Saull with help from Andy Perham and Peter Cross
Busiest Club House Repairer Peter Cross  
Most Prolific Stumper... No-one Knows...  
Most Prolific Catcher... Julian Howgill 7 Catches in 15 games!
Failing to Score a half century... after getting 46 runs or more...

Tom Clay (49)

Robert Ward (48)

Bradley Foard (48)

Tom Clay (49) vs Andy Day Invitational 11

Robert Ward (48) vs North Nibley

Bradley Foard (48) vs Andy Day Invitational 11

Captain Honours

Captain Matches Results
Robert Ward 20 6 Wins, 12 Lost and 2 Abandoned
Tom Clay 1 0 Wins, 1 Lost.
Graham Perkins 1 0 Wins, 1 Lost.

Wooden Spoon Awards

Honour Name Comments
Most Number of Ducks this season James Hewitt

4 Ducks this season.

But he is in good hands as the most prolific scoring this season (Robert Ward) also managing 2 ducks!

Other Interesting Facts...

Honour Name Comments
Most Common Method for a GCC Player to Lose their wicket... Bowled

71 wickets lost due to being bowled.

58 Wickets lost being caught.

11 wickets lost because the leg was before the wicket.

10 players were too slow and got run out.

5 of us got stumped.

5 were caught and bowled.

Most number of extra's given to us by the opposition!

59 (40 Over)

44 (T20)

59 extra runs given to us by VRA Amsterdam the game was lost by 58 runs!

55 extra runs given to us by The Neeld Arms, the game was won by 28 runs!

Most number of extra's given away by us to the opposition!

28 (40 Over)

12 (T20)

28 extra runs given away to East Prawle, the game was lost by 1 run!

12 extra runs given away to Keevil, the game was lost by 1 run!

Number of games Cancelled

4 games (40 Over)

3 games (T20)

4 out of 23 games (17.4%)

3 out of 6 games (50.0%)

Number of matches GCC lost all their wickets!

14 games (40 Over)

0 games (T20)

Most number of dropped catches Robert Ward We lost count!