2015 Honours

To be announced at the Annual Dinner on yet to be finalised!

The 2015 Major Honours...

These will be awarded on the night of the annual dinner, and only the chairman can decided who is getting what.. if anything... so you had better turn up to the annual dinner to find out!

Honour Name Comments
Best Batsman tbc  
Best Bowler tbc  
Champagne Moment tbc  
Best Captain of the Season tbc  
Clubman tbc  

The 2015 Minor Bowling Honours

Honour Name Comments
Bowled the most Overs... Martyn Foard (75)  
Bowled the most Maiden Overs... Martyn Foard (10)  
Took the most wickets Robert Ward (13) and Tom Clay (13)  
Conceded the most runs Bowling Martyn Foard (269)  
Best Bowling Average (lowest) Matt Salmon (5.3) 16 runs, 3 wickets (5.3 overs)
Best Bowling Strike Rate (lowest) Matt Salmon (10.0) 30 balls, 3 wickets (5.3 overs)

The 2015 Minor Batting Honours

Honour Name Comments
Most Prolific Batsman Robert Ward (338 runs)  
Most Prolific scorer of 4's Robert Ward (43)  
Most Prolific scorer of 6's Martyn Foard (7) and
Mitchal Foard 7)
A family Affair!
Highest Single Innings Score Boshir Hassam (79)  
Highest no. of 4's in a Single Innings Score Tom Clay (11) and
Mitchal Foard (11)
Highest no. of 6's in a Single Innings Score Martyn Foard (3),
Boshire Hassam (3) and
Mitchal Foard (3)
Scored the most half centuries Martyn Foard (2),
Robert Ward (2),
Mitchal Foard (2) and
Boshir Hassam (2)
Scored the most centuries No One...  

Other Minor Honours

Honour Name Comments
Busiest Groundsman Richard Saull  
Most Prolific Stumper... no statistic gathered on this.... maybe next year...
Failing to Score a half century... after getting 46 runs or more... Rob Faulkner (48) and
Robert Ward (49)
Jug avoidance....