2013 Tour - The Aggers Deep Heat Tour

The Aggers Deep Heat Tour was named as Bin Harry, tweeted Aggers earlier in the week, asking for some tour advice, and indicating that he was the youngest on tour at 35! THe tweet that came back from Aggers was "Pack some deep heat"! So hence the tour got named... "The Aggers Deep Heat Tour".

Tour Attendees

Anthony "Tourboy" JoseyTourboy... Andrew "Bin Harry" InchleyTour Lion... Ali "Fat Controller" KilfoilFat Controller...
Richard "Cheerio" SaullCheerio... Robert "Big Hitter" WardBig Hitter... Andrew "Late Arrival" RodcliffeLate Arrival...
Graham "Stumpy" PerkinsStumpy... Mark "Hungover..." ReadmanHungover... Jim "2 pints" Hewitt2 Pints...
Ian "Workoholic" ShanahanWorkoholic... Andrew "Blocker" CarringtonBlocker... Mark "Tour Manager" WebbTour Manager...

What happens on tour, stays on tour...

Friday - The Arrival

We were based at the Royal Winchester Hotel. With the early arrivals of BinHarry and Stumpy followed by Cheerio, Tour Boy and Big Hitter... with 2 pints, Blocker and Tour Manager arriving next leaving Fat Controller last... with Late Arrival not scheduled to arrive til Saturday morning, and finally Hungover on Sunday afternoon.

Saturday - First Tour Match

Portsmouth Community 2nd Eleven vs Grittleton

The tour manager, got a call early on Saturday morning, saying thier pitch was water logged and unplayable, and unfortunatly the match got cancelled.

This meant the tour team could go watch the Lions take on the might of Austrailia in the pub. Where apart from Bin Harry no one had an alcoholic drink! (well on the first round anyway). After a nail biting match and some luck the Lions took the win...

IN the afternoon GCC Tour had a game of quick cricket in a local park, where the oldest tour member was teamed up where the youngst tour member etc...

  • "Bin Harry" was paired with "2 Pints"
  • "Stumpy" was paired with "Blocker"
  • "Late Arrival" was paired with "Tour Manager"
  • "Tour Boy" was paired with "Fat Controller"
  • "Big Hitter" was paired with "Cheerio"
  • "Workoholic" was not paired with anyone... as there was only 11 of us at this point!
  • The rules where this...

  • You started on a score of 0
  • There was 2 innings, and there were 5 overs in an innings.
  • Everyone had to bowl, but only one of the pairs could bowl against a pair, and you had to take it in turns to bowl.
  • For each run scored you added that to your score.
  • If you lost your wicket, it was minus 10 runs.
  • Anyway I think the "Bin Harry" and "2 Pints" came last with a massive negative score, and the winners with a postive score were "Late Arrival" and "Tour Manager". The only other interesting fact was the "Tour Boy" managed to take about 10 wickets... (not sure how but he did....).

    Sunday - Second and Final Tour Match

    Goring vs Grittleton

    The match report can be found here. Safe to say we didn't loose, as it was a timed game and therefore we drew!

    The Fine Court

    Captain Bin Harry failed to convene the tour fine court and therefore everyone incured a fine of £10, except the tour captain for failing to convene the Tour Find Court who therefore incurred a tour fine of £20!


      1. I think we all went home slightly heavier than when we arrived... Due to the great success of this tour there is much discussion about next year's tour... watch this space for details...
      2. Many thanks must go to Mark Webb for the organisation of this tour.

    Tour Awards

    Match day awards will be presented for the following achievements:

    Award Winner Description
    Tour Wasted Hungover Trying to not turn up on Sunday as he was too hungover from Saturday Night, but give him his dues... he did turn up and took a few wickets...
    Tour Gower Award No-one as we didn't have any champagne moments... For the champagne moment (on or off the field) whilst on tour. For a run out that legends are made of!
    Man of the Tour Hungover Speaks for itself, but frankly it´s no big deal! Only awarded to him as he managed to take 6 wickets for 70 runs off 12 overs with 3 maidens...
    Twat of the Tour Can you please send in your nominations... This is where it really counts. For general all round outstanding committment to the tour, not just in the bar, but on the pitch and generally in general!


    Tour Statistics

    As only one match was planned these can be found in the match report!