Match Results against Spye Park on 28 July 2013

This would be Captain Binary's last game of the 2013 season, with his Wife due towards the end of August he would be otherwise occupied. Everyone wished him success in both this final game this season and the impending birth.

Well day started off with a frantic message from Captain telling everyone what a huge mistake (word changed) there had been and that the match was now at Home, and someone had to step up and do teas... So up stepped "Sir Josey" at least of the day in accordance with Captain's wishes...

Following Vice's final game last week (in losing the toss), Captain Binary followed suit (another useless tosser), and the opposition placed us into the field. In a breezy afternoon with the likely hood of showers creeping ever closer GCC took to the field of play. Despite some superb bowling and some "easy" catching in the slips Captain lead by example and dropped both catches...

Spye Park had only 9 players so GCC loaned Peter Cross (GCC's 12th man) to Spye Park. Spye Park were all out on the last ball bowled of the 40 overs.

Spye Park CC scored 155 all out off 40 overs.

After an execellent tea (many thanks must go to Trudy for the tea, no doubt aided (somehow) by "Sir Josey".

GCC took to batting, and despite the some initial runs, lost 2 quick wickets, only for the heavens to open and Binary "shouting" i'm not waiting of the umpire's decision... see you later... and headed at full pelt back to the pavillion followed closely by the umpires, the other batsman and the fielders...

The rain soon let up and out once again onto the field of player Grittleton went. With wickets tumbling occaision and Bradly giving his wicket away to a stumping of all things after smack the previous ball for a six... It left Huw and Martyn to bring GCC home to another win.

Grittleton CC scored 158 for 7 wickets off 35.3 overs.

Bowling Figures

Name Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Andrew Inchley 8.0 2 20 3
Jon Cleverly 8.0 1 16 1
Huw Williams 8.0 1 24 1
Bradley Foard 8.0 1 28 2
Charles Carrington 4.0 0 29 0
Anthony Josey 4.0 0 15 1
Extras 0.0 0 23 0

Batting Figures

Name Not Outs Runs Centuries Half Centuries No. 4's No. 6's How Out
Robert Ward No 14 No No 3 0 Bowled
Richard Saull No 14 No No 3 0 Caught
Bradley Foard No 36 No No 3 1 Stumpted
Andrew Inchley No 5 No No 1 0 Bowled
Charles Carrington No 1 No No 0 0 Bowled
Jon Cleverly No 10 No No 1 0 Caught
Anthony Josey No 0 No No 0 0 Caught & Bowled
Martyn Foard Yes 33 No No 4 0 Not Out
Huw Williams Yes 15 No No 3 0 Not Out
James Hewitt Did not bat
Andrew Carrington Did not bat
Extras No 30 No No 0 0  


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