Match Results against Langford on 21 July 2013

On one of the hotest days of the year, Vice took charge, despite it being his last game for GCC due to moving away. He managed to secure his title as "useless tosser" as he lost his final coin toss. The opposition deciding to bat first.

With an excellent opening over from Andrew and Huw leading the opposition to be 5 runs from 2 overs for 2 wickets, the heat the sun finally caused brains to work slower, as after 10 overs Langford had just over 50 runs on the board...

A possible champagne moment and game changer came when Mitchal Foard showed Martyn how to get a caught and bowled after Martyn dropped a possible caught an bowled early in the match. It was a fantastic catch as Mitchal flung himself (like a flying Superman) to his right as the batsman smashed the ball back towards him!

Langford CC scored 190 all out wickets off 39 overs.

After a superb tea from the Wards (although GCC did wonder just how much of it Rob was involved in, as it was delivered by Faith and parents. The opposition and GCC players welcomed the ice in the drinks breaks after 15 and 30 overs.

GCC went out to bat, knowing they had to score around 5 runs an over, and they where always behind the run rate, until Bradley scored 17 off a single over.

Grittleton CC scored 192 for 9 wickets off 39.2 overs.

Bowling Figures

Name Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Andrew Inchley 8.0 0 45 1
Huw Williams 8.0 1 34 2
Bradley Foard 8.0 2 27 2
Martyn Foard 6.0 0 34 1
Mark Readman 4.0 0 18 0
Mitchal Foard 5.0 2 20 3
Extras 0.0 0 12 0

Batting Figures

Name Not Outs Runs Centuries Half Centuries No. 4's No. 6's How Out
Robert Ward No 20 No No 2 0 Bowled
Andrew Rodcliffe No 13 No No 1 0 Caught
Peter Cross No 26 No No 3 0 Bowled
Martyn Foard No 22 No No 4 0 Caught
Huw Williams No 1 No No 0 0 Caught
Bradley Foard Yes 36 No No 4 1 Not Out
Graham Perkins Yes 9 No No 2 0 Not Out
Mark Readman Did not bat
Andrew Inchley Did not bat
Mitchal Foard Did not bat
Anthony Josey Did not bat
Extras No 65 No Yes 0 0  


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