Match Results against Failand and Portbury on 09 June 2013

On a glorious sunny afternoon, GCC travelled to Failand and Portbury. As cap was not playing, vice took charge... and managed to lose the toss. The opposition elected to bat!

There was some confusion over the start time and with both Graham and Mitch unable to play, GCC were down to 9 even before the match started!

With some superb bowling from GCC opening bowlers of Giles (taking a wicket in his first over superb) and Readman, Failand and Portbury struggled to score runs, despite GCC dropping 3 catches...

Failand and Portbury CC scored 133 for 6 wickets off 40 overs.

After a superb tea, when the Grittleton Team sucumbed to the delights of some excellent home made baking (or was that just me and leyton?). That might have been there game plan all along.

With Rob and Leyton putting on a excellent opening partnership of (120) before Leyton took a swing and lost his wicket... Up stepped the ever dependable Mark Webb who after scoring a few also lost his wicket, leaving Richard Saull and Robert Ward to finish off the winning runs...

Grittleton CC scored 137 for 9 wickets off 25.4 overs.

Bowling Figures

Name Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Giles Tupper 8.0 1 19 1
Mark Readman 8.0 2 10 0
Anthony Josey 7.0 1 25 2
Robert Ward 8.0 0 19 1
Vivian Beresford 4.0 1 13 1
Richard Saull 5.0 0 19 1

Batting Figures

Name Not Outs Runs Centuries Half Centuries No. 4's No. 6's How Out
Leyton Lark No 73 No Yes 12 0 Bowled
Robert Ward Yes 43 No No 4 0  
Mark Webb No 9 No No 1 0 Caught
Richard Saull Yes 0 No No 0 0  
Mark Readman Did not Bat
Vivian Beresford Did not Bat
Andrew Carrington Did not Bat
Anthony Josey Did not Bat
Giles Tupper Did not Bat
Extras No 12 No No 0 0  


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