Match Results against Team Webb on 12 May 2013

The important thing to note here is that this was supposed to be a 40 Over Friendly, but due to the weather conditions, the captains agreed to play a T20. Both Cap and Vice wanted these match to be included in the season statistics (obviously as they both think it will help them.... more fool them!).

Match Report by ...

Despite being sunny in the morning the weather soon turned against us (as it did all last year) and by 12 noon it was raining... but because it was sunny at 11 am the match was played.

Because of the weather the captains agreed to play a shorter form of the game a big hitting T20. So...

On a cloudly, dull and raining afternoon in the middle of May the might of Grittleton Cricket Club collapsed in the face of serious and big hitting Team Webb. Despite Grittleton field and illegal 12 fields, Team Webb easily romped home to score the winning runs with wickets and overs to spare. Grittleton elected to bat... a decision that would haunt captain binary for the rest of the rain soaked afternoon...

So up stepped big hitting mickey, and confident careful Huw... sadly by the 3rd over Grittleton CC had scored a mighty 9 runs for the loss of 2 wickets, careful steady Huw... followed by Big Hitter (just not on this ocassion) Mickey. Then in usual Grittleton style a batting collapse reared it head and we were 24 for 7 on the 10th over... sadly the wickets kept tumbling.

Up stepped Grittleton Saviour of the day "Lurch" who batted from the 11th over to the end of the match without losing his wicket, a parternship with Binary, double the runs scored before even Binary succumed and lost his wicket. Grittleton stood at 61 for 9 after 18 overs. Up stepped newbie Jim Hewitt who scored his first run for Grittleton (scoring more than some of GCC regulars in) but then was unfortunately run out.

Grittleton CC scored 69 (that's what is in the score book guys) for 9 wickets off 20 overs.

With out 69 on the board, Team Webb thought it would be easy pickings... Team Webb managed to put on regular runs, witout losing too many wickets and in the end did with with overs and wickets to spare.

Team Webb CC scored 62 for 6 wickets off 17.5 overs.

Although the weather was wet, the tea was excellent with a wide selection of sandwiches, and some astouding cakes (some looked home made) just not by Mark! it made up for the dreary and wet afternoon in the field. A tea that would be proud of winning tea of the season.

Batting Figures - Innings for Grittleton Cricket Club

Name Not Outs Runs Centuries Half Centuries No. 4's No. 6's How Out
Micheal Standford No 2 No No 0 0 Bowled
Huw Williams No 0 No No 0 0 Caught
Robert Ward No 2 No No 0 0 Bowled
Anthony Josey No 4 No No 1 0 Bowled
Andrew Perham No 0 No No 0 0 Bowled
Mark Readman No 4 No No 1 0 Caught
Vivian Beresford No 0 No No 0 0 Bowled
Andrew Rodcliffe No 0 No No 0 0 Hit Wicket
Andrew Inchley No 22 No No 1 1 Bowled
Richard Saull Yes 10 No No 1 0  
Peter Cross Yes 1 No No 0 0  
James Hewitt No 2 No No 0 0 Run Out

Bowling Figures for Team Webb

Name Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Giles "turncoat" Tupper 4.0 0 6 2
Joe 4.0 0 13 0
William 4.0 2 13 3
Matt 4.0 2 18 2
Rob "turncoat" Faulkner 4.0 1 7 2

Do to the insisent rain, it was agreed to have tea after the entire game had be played...

Batting Figures - Innings for Team Webb

Name Not Outs Runs Centuries Half Centuries No. 4's No. 6's How Out
Matthew No 4 No No 0 0 Bowled
Oscar No 9 No No 2 0 Bowled
J Webb No 1 No No 0 0 Bowled
W Howie No 1 No No 0 0 Leg Before Wicket
J Franklin No 4 No No 0 0 Bowled
Mark Webb No 10 No No 0 1 Caught
D Webb Yes 13 No No 2 0  
R Webb Yes 10 No No 1 0  
Giles Tupper Did not bat
Rob Faulkner Did not bat
Matt Webb Did not bat

Bowling Figures for Grittleton Cricket Club

Name Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Andrew Inchley 3.0 1 8 0
Andrew Rodcliffe 4.0 0 17 2
Huw Williams 4.0 1 7 2
Mark Readman 4.0 1 7 2
Anthony Josey 2.0 0 17 0
Richard Saull 0.5 0 6 0


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