Grittleton Cricket Club on Tour in 2012

Tour Attendees

Richard "Lurch" SaullYou Rang Ma Lord Huw "Inzy" WilliamsInzy Andrew "Tour Bursa" CarringtonPurse Strings...
Captaino... Ali "Fat Controller" KilfoilController Mark "Newsman" WebbNewsman
Mark "Tour Guide" ReadmanTour Guide Leg Guitar... Graham "Stumpy" PerkinsStumpy
Micheal "Tourboy" StanfordTour Boy Mark "Leg Guitar" RunacresLeg Guitar. Robert "Cineman" WardCineman

As the webmaster didn't get to go on tour this year, he is still waiting for someone to spill the beans...

The clubs we are playing against go to great lengths to accommodate us so please do stay and socialise after the game. This is part of the spirit of touring and is essential if clubs in touring venues are to continue hosting touring teams.

Saturday 16th June 2012 GCC vs Newton Tracey Cricket Club

Due to the weather this match was cancelled! Instead the team managed to find a beach and had a great game of beach cricket apparently! The only evidence of this is the picture below... From left back to front right, we have...

Beach Cricket...

Newton Tracey club formed in 1970 and have progressed from those times from a rugged primitive club, to now being one of the top village sides in North Devon! We have a beautiful picturesque ground, on a slope a little steeper than Lords, a very good batting wicket and generally a high scoring ground. We have showers, though we decamp down to the local pub, The Hunters Inn for post match entertainment!


Sunday 17th June 2012 GCC vs Timberscombe Cricket Club

Grittleton Cricket Club lost against the Timberscombe Cricket Club. But it took a younger, fitter, stronger and fresher team to beat the might of Grittleton Cricket Club! Full match details can be found here.

Defensive Master
Defnsive Master Class
Club Pavillion
Big Hitting or Not!
Big Hitter or Not!

Timberscombe Cricket Club has been in existence for over one hundred years ­ so the locals say! The views from all aspects of the ground are truly rural in character, including that of a manor house in the direction of historic Dunster with its Castle and Yarn Market only two miles away. In the other direction a view of Dunkery Beacon, the highest peak in the Exmoor National Park, stands dramatically above the ground ­ when it cannot be seen clearly it is likely to be raining!