Match Results against Swindon Civil Service on 28th May 2012

Match Report - Anthony Josey

Grittleton Stroll Past Swindon Civil Service

It was a glorious sunny afternoon when the GCC players finally made it to the pavillion following a superb Spring Ball the night before... Infact many of the players hadn't got to bed until the early hours of the morning... It might be a long afternoon in the field!

The GCC Captain meet the opposition captain out in the square and tossed the coin! Our captain had a track record this season of lossing the toss but winning the game (3 wins out 3 games played)... The captain had already decided that he wanted to bat first... due to the heat! Sadly the captain continued with his tossing streak and lost the toss, the opposition put Grittleton in to field...

The ground looks superb and to quote the groundsman "If the ball doesn't bounce... it never will!"

The Captain took his normal position of opening the bowling from his favourite end (the pavillion), with some excellent bowling aided by Bradley Foard at the other end (village hall). With only one wicket falling in the opening bowling session, a change of bowler was needed so into the attack came Tristan Lark and Anthony Josey... Josey managed to catch one that got hit back to him... hopefully breaking the catching issue (well dropping catches) GCC was suffering from... As the wickets started to fall, with a few bowled and a couple of run outs. The ball behaved, appart from two instances where the ball kept low! Apparently the groundsman was quoted to have said: "If the ball doesn't bounce on that strip... then it never will!"

The opening bat managed to knock up 100 runs but lost a few of his partners in doing so! Some of the fielding techniques used by the GCC players were unusual... the captain's choice to chest the ball rather than catch it wasn't great... and a couple of other catches went down also... But some excellent fielding from Andy Perham, Tristan Lark and Bradley Foard!

The opposition managed 189... off the a lotted 40 overs... GCC had a game on there hands...

After an excellent tea, prepared by the yopungst Bradley it soon became aparent that he had no hand in the tea.. he had sub-contracted tea out to his Mum and Jane Jones... An excellent tea it was... we do hope that the tea money finds its way back to its rightful place!

Captain had a difficult time deciding upon the batting order.. and elected to go with Rob and Leyton opening... Josey and Runacres umpired to start with... The bowling was average and the score reached 21 of 3 with the loss of no wickets... Josey Umpiring at square leg... heard the opposition player quote "it will be all over in 30 overs..." Ragavan bowled a ball begging to smacked for 4 whereever the batsman chose... sadly Rob managed to crack it straight back at the bowler, who after a excellent display of jugging managed to grab it... The following quote was then heard by Umpire Josey "He never catches anything..." Rob departed back to the pavillion. Leyton was joined by Mark at the crease... The run rate has decreased for a while before picking up again.

The bowling continued and GCC pushed on, with Mark Webb and Leyton building a great partnership both reaching there 50, and then with a flurry of runs, Mark Webb over took the patient Leyton Lark. With partnership finally came to an end when Mark Webb Retired on 79 an the reason was ... Too hot in the sun! Mark Runacres went out to the crease with only 40 runs needed... Leyton continued with Mark Runacres, until Leyton Lark finally edge the ball into the keepers hands.. out for 63 runs... Leyton got his first half century for Grittleton Cricket Club, well done Leyton. In went Al Kilfoil, with only a few runs needed...

Swindon Civil Service, score 189 for 10 off 40 overs.

Grittleton Cricket Club, score 192 for 3 off 32.2 overs.

Tea provided by Bradley Foard (sub contracted to Mrs Bradley and Mrs Jones)!

Bowling Figures

Name Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Andrew Inchley 8 1 26 0
Bradley Foard 8 1 46 2
Tristan Lark 8 1 34 1
Anthony Josey 8 0 31 2
Al Kilfoil 8 0 34 1

Batting Figures

Name Not Outs Runs Centuries Half Centuries No. 4's No. 6's
Leyton Lark 0 63 0 1 11 0
Robert Ward 0 16 0 0 3 0
Mark Webb 0 79 0 1 10 1
Al Kilfoil 1 0 0 0 0 0
Mark Runacres 1 11 0 0 2 0
Tristan Lark Did not bat
Bradley Foard Did not bat
Andy Perham Did not bat
Graham Perkins Did not bat
Andrew Inchley Did not bat
Anthony Josey Did not bat