2011 Tour

Tour Attendees

Micky "Tourboy" StanfordTourboy... Andrew "Bin Harry" InchleyBin Harry... Mark "Leg Guitar" RunacresLeg Guitar...
Richard "Captaino" SaullCaptaino... Robert "Cineman" WardCineman... Leyton "Late On" LarkLate On...
Graham "Stumpy" PerkinsStumpy... Anthony "Facebook" JoseyFacebook... Andrew "Tour Bursa" CarringtonTour Bursa...
Mark "Newsman" WebbNewsman... Ali "Fat Controller" KilfoilFat Controller... Huw "Inzy" WilliamsInzy...
Mark "Tour Guide" ReadmanInzy... Tristan "Tour Trainer" LarkInzy...

What happens on tour, stays on tour...

Except that... What happens on in Karaoke Bar goes on you tube!!

Friday - The Arrival

We were based at the Mecure in Exeter, which is near the centre and has facilities including: parking, a pool, a sauna, a gym and a Jacuzzi, so bring your Speedos!

The Advanced Posse (Tour Boy, Bin Harry and Leg Guitar) arrived around 2pm, they were soon in the pub getting to know the best pubs to drink in and good places to eat. They elected themselves as the fine committee... which was a fine in itself... however, when the main possie arrived, there was just no talking too them... they were well and truly lubricated!

With the main possie (Captaino, Stumpy, Facebook, Tour Bursar, Newsman, Fat Controller and Cineman) arriving between 7 and 9pm.

Upon arrival Facebook discovers he has miss placed his glasses (which are still missing)... and spends 20 mins trying to find them.

Once all had found them selves in the pub and after a drink the advanced crew stated that it was time for entertainment which they provided by singing on the Karaoke... you can view thier stunning singing abilities on you tube... links to go ere...

Bin Harry takes to the mic and sings Ice Ice Baby...

Leg Guitar takes to the mic and sings I am a Cider Drinker.

Leg Guitar and Bin Harry take to the mic for a duet...what is this song?.

Tour Boy does his best to entertain the crowds! Gambler

Leg Guitar takes to the mic and sings I am the one and only.

Captaino takes to the mic and the Computer says NO!

It was then decided a curry was in order... Arriving back the hotel a final drink was needed before heading for bed!

The late possie of Tour Guide was scheduled to arrive from North Wales late on Friday night, but was a no show... Leaving the later comers to arrive on Saturday in time for the game (Inzy and Late On)!

Saturday - First Tour Match

Tourboy, Bin-ary and Leg Guitar all looked rough on Saturday morning with tourboy looking like something that the cat had dragged in... Following a leisurely breakfast it was agreed to meet at 12:15 for the short trip the local pub near the ground we were playing at. With tourboy claiming throughout the morning and lunchtime that he was guarrantted to score a ton despite not having attended any net sessions and only the 8-a-side tournament the week before...

Facebook spends more time trying to find this glasses.

Newton Poppleford vs Grittleton

Newton Poppleford is near Sidmouth, so about 10 miles from our hotel! It's a 2:15pm start! They reputedly provide the best Cricket teas in Devon!

Match result can be viewed here.

Graham Perkins taking a catch... but having enough time to do his hair before it arrives! Click here to watch it on you tube.

Sunday - Second and Final Tour Match

The Fine Court

The Fine Court met and Bin-Ary after much reading of notes of the incured fines determined that everyone owned a tour fine of £10, except Tour Boy who owed a tour fine of £20 for...

    1. Being Tour Boy...
    2. Being Mickey Stanford...
    3. Being Mickey Stanford...
    4. Having a bad case of Verbal Diarrhea
    5. Failing to score a ton, after all the boasting about scoring one...
    6. Not catching a dolly of a catch (awarded post convening of the Fine Court!)

Other Tour fines included (can who guess who they were awarded to...):

    1. Giving away wides, no balls, leg byes, byes.
    2. Failing to stop a single, two runs, a four and a six (take your pick at which one you collected...)
    3. Updating facebook all the time (oh no I wasn't...)
    4. Filming the Karaoke (I think where was more than one of you doing this... so if you haven't sent me the video clips yet... you had better do so asap.. otherwise you might be awarded another tour fine and yes there is still time...)
    5. Singing I am a Cider Drinker
    6. Breaking the Karaoke Machine
    7. Not partaking in the Karaoke
    8. Having more than one drink on the go
    9. Whinging and Whinning about anything and everything
    10. Refusing a Curry and claiming he wasn't hungry and then popping into the Chinese next door cause he was hungry!

Sunset vs Grittleton

Sunset is near Sidmouth, so about 2 miles from our hotel! It's a 2:00pm start!

Match result can be viewed here.

Sunday - Departure Home

A final drink opportunity presented itself, again with most opting for a soft drink, before we all departed for home at 8:15pm


    1. I think we all went home slightly heavier than when we arrived... Due to teh great success of this tour there is much discussion about next year's tour... watch this space for details...
    2. Many thanks must go to Mark Readmad and Richard Saull for the organisation of this tour.

Tour Awards

Match day awards will be presented for the following achievements:

Award Winner Description
Tour Duck Tour Boy For the most outstanding runless and shite innings of the tour. He was out for zero, after spending the previous million hours claiming he was going to get a ton!
Tour Gower Award Facebook For the champagne moment (on or off the field) whilst on tour. For a run out that legends are made of!
Man of the Tour Captaino Speaks for itself, but frankly it´s no big deal! Except that he organised most of it, and if he hadn't there wouldn't have been a very successful tour!
Twat of the Tour Tour Boy This is where it really counts. For general all round outstanding committment to the tour, not just in the bar, but on the pitch and generally in general!


Tour Statistics

Bowling Statistics

Grittleton's Tour Bowling Statistics

Name Innings Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Bowling Average Bowling Strike Rate
Grittleton Cricket Club 2 80 3 373 16 23.3 30.0

Grittleton's Tour Individual Bowling Statistics

Name Innings Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Bowling Average Bowling Strike Rate
Andrew Inchley 2 16 2 64 3 21.3 32.0
Huw Williams 1 8 0 28 3 9.3 16.0
Mark Readman 2 16 0 62 2 31.0 48.0
Ali Kilfoil 2 15 1 81 4 20.3 22.5
Anthony Josey 2 13 0 78 1 78.0 78.0
Mark Runacres 1 3 0 20 0    
Tristan Lark 1 8 0 34 3 11.3 16.0
Andrew Carrington 1 1 0 6 0    

Batting Statistics

Grittleton's Tour Batting Statistics

Name Matches Not Outs Runs Centuries Half Centuries No. 4's No. 6's Batting Average
Grittleton Cricket Club 2 4 340 0 2 45 4 15.5

Grittleton's Tour Individual Batting Statistics

Name Matches Not Outs Runs Centuries Half Centuries No. 4's No. 6's Batting Average
Leyton Lark 2 0 33 0 0 5 1 16.5
Micheal Stanford 2 0 68 0 1 5 2 34.0
Rob Ward 2 0 41 0 0 5 0 20.5
Mark Webb 2 0 51 0 0 8 1 25.5
Huw Williams 1 0 52 0 0 10 0 52.0
Graham Perkins 2 1 4 0 0 0 0 4.0
Mark Readman 2 1 28 0 0 5 0 28.0
Andrew Inchley 1 1 21 0 0 3 0  
Ali Kilfoil 2 0 21 0 0 2 0 10.5
Mark Runacres 1 1 1 0 0 0 0  
Anthony Josey 1 0 3 0 0 0 0 3.0
Tristan Lark 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1.0
Richard Saull 1 0 16 0 0 2 0 16.0
Andrew Carrington 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0