2010 Honours

Announced by Richard Saull at the Annual Dinner on Friday 28th January 2011.

The 2010 Major Honours...

Honour Name Comments
Best Batsman Mark Webb  
Best Bowler Giles Tupper  
Youth Player Mitch Foard  
Clubman of the Year Andrew Carrington  
Best Tea Huw and Yvonne Williams


The 2010 Minor Bowling Honours

Honour Name Comments
Bowled the most Overs... Huw Williams Bowled 83.3 overs in just 11 games!
Bowled the most Maiden Overs... Huw Williams Bowled 18 maiden overs in just 11 games!
Took the most wickets Curtis Welsby Took 18 wickets in 12 games!
Conceded the most runs Bowling Curtis Welsby Gave away just 330 runs whilst bowling!

The 2010 Minor Batting Honours

Honour Name Comments
Most Prolific Batsman Huw Williams Scored 326 runs in 11 games!
Most Prolific scorer of 4's Huw Williams Scored thirty-nine 4's in 11 games!
Most Prolific scorer of 6's Mark Webb Scored five 6's in 6 games!
Highest Single Innings Score Mark Webb Scored 86 against Bradley Stoke. One of only 6 matches he played in.
Highest no. of 4's in a Single Innings Score Mark Webb Scored ten 4's against Bradley Stoke.
Highest no. of 6's in a Single Innings Score Mitch Foard, Tristan Lark, Mickey Standford, Paul Runacres, Mark Webb and Mark Webb Who all scored two 6's in one game.
Scored the most half centuries Mark Webb Scored 50+ in three different innings.

Other Minor Honours

Honour Name Comments
Busiest Groundsman Richard Saull Nearly always found on a Tuesday evening with his hands on a mower, roller, or other such groundsman tool! If it's not on the tool it's in the toolbox trying the fix the darn thing!
Most Prolific Stumper... Graham Perkins We've lost count of the number of stumpings... let alone the number of stumping attempts...