2009 Honours

Announced by Vivian Beresford and Mark Webb at the Annual Dinner on 13th November 2009.

The 2009 Major Honours...

Honour Name Comments
Best Batsman Mark Webb Scoring 206 runs, in 9 innings, with an average of 29.43 hitting a total of 3 sixes and 20 fours...
Best Bowler Curtis Welsby Bowling 79.1 overs, in 11 innings, taking 18 wickets for 415 runs having a strike rate of 25.39...
Most Improved Player David Jones Just continues to improve game on game...
Clubman of the Year Richard Saull For his endless and untiring work sorting out the outfield as well as many other little jobs around the pavilion.
Best Tea Trudy & Anthony Josey All thanks must go to Trudy, I think I was more a hindrance than a helping hand!!


The 2009 Minor Bowling Honours

Honour Name Comments
Bowled the most Overs... Brian Bottomley Bowled 78 overs in just 11 games!
Bowled the most Maiden Overs... Brian Bottomley Bowled 15 Overs in just 11 games!
Took the most wickets Curtis Welsby Took 18 wickets in 11 games!
Conceded the most runs Bowling Curtis Welsby Gave away just 415 runs whilst bowling!

The 2009 Minor Batting Honours

Honour Name Comments
Most Prolific Batsman Paul Matthews Scored 243 runs in 13 games!
Most Prolific scorer of 4's Paul Matthews Scored thirty-six 4's in 13 games!
Most Prolific scorer of 6's Paul Matthews Scored five 6's in 13 games!
Highest Single Innings Score Mickey Stanford Scored 86 against Combe Bisset. One of only 2 matches he played in, the other he was out for a duck!
Highest no. of 4's in a Single Innings Score Mickey Stanford Scored nine 4's against Combe Bisset.
Highest no. of 6's in a Single Innings Score Mickey Stanford Scored four 6's against Combe Bisset.
Deadliest Batting Partner Leyton Lark For running out his batting partner more than twice!!!
Slowest out of the blocks... Anthony Josey For getting run out without facing a ball!
Scored the most half centuries Mark Webb Scored 50+ in two different innings.

Other Minor Honours

Honour Name Comments
Busiest Groundsman Richard Saull Nearly always found on a Tuesday evening with his hands on a mower, roller, or other such groundsman tool! If it's not on the tool it's in the toolbox trying the fix the darn thing!
Most Prolific Catcher... Anthony Josey and Leyton Lark Both of these fielders managed to catch 6 each, although we have no idea how!
Most Prolific Stumper... Mark Webb Just 2 stumpings...
Most Prolific Run Outer... Anthony Josey and Graham Perkins Both managed to run out 1 member of the opposition.