Match Results against Spye Park on 2nd August 2009

The weather looked bright but a little cloudy. Both captains agreed to play a timed game (with only 10 players in each team), with tea to be taken at about 5pm (A maximum of 20 overs to be played from 6:30pm onwards. Our Captain lost the toss and Spye Park put Grittleton into bat, on what looked like (and turned out to be) a very slow and damp square.

The opening partnership of Leyton Lark (facing) and Anthony Josey (non facing) lasted just one ball as Leyton called for a run after hitting the ball directly to the fielder and setting off to run, before even calling! He then called for the run after a number of strides, leaving AJ little chance of getting in after the fielder collected the ball and already thrown it before the run was called!!

After exiting the field of play, AJ in a foul mood, threw his bat and stormed off to calm down. (That's why there's very few pictures) as he wasn't in the mood for taking them... .. .. Sorry guys...

Rob Ward was unluckly as he was soon out afterwards, leaving Grittleton Cricket Club on very few runs for 2 wickets, in the space of the first over.... In came the Mark Webb who then proceeded to steady the Grittleton Team.

Grittleton scored 169 runs for 6 wickets off 40 overs.

After tea, Spye Park struggled to score many runs off the opening bowlers, scoring just 13 runs from the first 8 overs. However, the runs kept on creeping up, with Grittleton struggling to stem the run rate. Spye Park scored 174 for 4 wickets off 35 overs.

Anthony Josey almost managed to drop a catch after juggling it, that's the second time this season that his juggling lessons have been worth they weight in gold!

Bowling Figures

Name Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Curtis Welsby 8 1 32 0
Gavin Smith 6 0 21 0
Richard Saull 8 0 54 0
Anthony Josey 4 0 18 1
Rob Ward 4 0 17 2
Leyton Lark 4 0 16 0
Quentin Grandison 2 0 8 0
Graham Perkins 1 0 8 1

Batting Figures

Name Not Outs Runs No. 4's No. 6's
Anthony Josey ** 0 0 0 0
Leyton Lark 0 27 3 0
Rob Ward 0 0 0 0
Mark Webb 0 63 4 1
Quentin Grandison 0 3 0 0
Gavin Smith 1 51 3 0
Richard Saull 0 5 0 0
Andrew Carrington 1 3 0 0

* These bowling figures have been put together from memory and the score book (which wasn't as accurate as perhaps it should/could have been!

** Anthony Josey was run out after the senior batsman (Leyton Lark) called for run when there clearly wasn't one...

Graham Perkins and Curtis Welsby did not bat.