Match Results against Bradford Town on 26th July 2009

The weather looked threatening, so both captains agreed to limit the match to 25 overs for each side, with a maximum of 5 overs per bowler.

Grittleton started in the field with Bradford Town batting, and a good opening spell from Grittleton bowlers saw Bradford Town limited to just 16 runs off the first 5 overs for 2 wickets.

After the first 15 overs of bowling under a gloomy sky, the heavens, slowly opened and the rain drizzled down slowly. The batsman elected to stay on the field so Grittleton continued to bowl... But at tea the heavens opened even more and the rain fell quicker and harder!

The captains agreed that if the rain did not stop by the end of tea, the match would be abandoned.

So at the end of an excellent tea, the match was abandoned.

A glorious miserable day at Grittleton Cricket Club with the rain falling down, and at the end of tea time the captains removing the stumps after agreeing to abandon the match.

Grittleton Cricket Club in the rain...

Bowling Figures

Name Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Brian Bottomley 5 0 20 1
Curtis Welsby 5 0 27 2
Richard Saull 5 0 40 1
Gavin Smith 5 1 13 1
Paul Matthews 3 0 17 0
Anthony Josey 2 0 10 1