Twenty20 Match Results against SciSys on 2nd June 2009

Match report provided by David Hagelthorn!

The English weather had graced us with four days of glorious sunshine prior to the 2nd game of the season. So, unusually for this time of the year, it was no surprise that an early call was made as to whether the game was on of off! The sunshine had also inspired no less than 14 budding SciSys cricketers - all of which took part in a mixed game against the local team and pitch residents, Grittleton.

There were questions of loyalty and honour in the prematch team selections as many of the SciSys team share allegiance with Grittleton, playing in their Sunday league. And so it was decided that two mixed teams would be selected with equal SciSys numbers on both sides. Despite pleas from the SciSys captain to bat first (in order to spend time with his little girl), the opposing captain (Andrew Carrington) stood firm on his wicket analysis and elected to bat first.

  Team A Team B
Captains Andrew Carrington (Grittleton) David Hagelthorn (SciSys)
SciSys Players Conrad Morris, Richard Saull, Rob Ward, Graham Perkins (WK), Carl Froom, Jan Butynski, Anuroop Shahi David Pegg, Stuart Fowell, Jinesh Ramachandran, Kevin Shute, Anthony Josey
Grittleton Players Stratton, David Jones, Nigel Payne, Andrew Carrington, Viv Beresford, Leyton Lark Paul Matthews, Bradley Foard, Mitchal Foard (WK), Curtis Welsby, Gavin Smith

The opening pair of Saull and Morris looked to take advantage of a good wicket, but the bowling duo of Jinesh and Wellsby kept good line, length and pace conceding just 13 runs from the first 4 overs. Jinesh took the wicket of Morris compliments of a fine catch by Smith, arms outstretched as the ball passed over his left shoulder. The following ball Jinesh had his 2nd victim, the prized wicket of Saull, beating him for pace and knocking over his off stump. A forced bowling change (only 2 overs per bowler) coincided with 2 new batsmen at the crease, Stratton and Ward. Stratton looked to play aggressively hitting a boundary, but was dismissed 2 balls later as B.Foard made no mistake under a looped catch off Smith´s bowling. Fowell had an indifferent spell at the other end, with a few loose ones coupled with a wicket of his own. Ward hit a clean hard strike straight to cover where B.Foard took his 2nd catch in succession. After 8 overs, Team A were 40 for 4.

Perkins looked in good form as he steadied the ship while others fell around him. Jones and Froom were both dismissed cheaply – Jones by a swinging, dipping seaming ball from Shute that would have confused far better batsmen, while Froom was run out by a good bit of keeping by M.Foard. Shute got his 2nd in his second over as Perkins looked to dominate. Perkins connected well and the ball looked destined for a 6, but Fowell sauntered in from the deep and casually pocketed (to his amazement) a fine catch. After 20 minutes of celebrations the match resumed.

Josey and Pegg bowling in tandem continued to build pressure, Pegg showing varied flight and controlled spin conceding just 10 of his 2 overs. Josey continued his fine form and his stake for bowler of the season (even at this early stage) with 2 wickets for 9 runs. His 1st was Carrington, caught Jinesh for 4 and his 2nd a deceptively straight one trapping Payne LBW on 23 – a fine knock. Great things were expected and required from Beresford who did not disappoint, dealing mainly in boundaries, retiring on his quick fire 25. However, the wickets continued to fall as Hagelthorn bowled Butynski, and at the other end Mathews dismissed the threatening Anu. The run rate stayed consistently on or around 6 an over throughout the innings and thus it proved till the end as Beresford returned from retirement for the last over with Lark, but swung and missed with one ball to go - giving Mathews his 2nd of the over and ending the 1st innings. Team A posted a score of 118 setting a target of 119 for Team B.

Team B - Batting Figures

Name Not Outs Runs No. 4's No. 6's
Conrad Morris No 5 1 0
Richard Saull No 4 0 0
Stratton No 4 1 0
Rob Ward No 4 0 0
Graham Perkins No 10 1 0
David Jones No 1 0 0
Carl Froom No 1 0 0
Nigel Payne No 23 5 0
Andrew Carrington No 4 1 0
Jan Butynski No 0 0 0
Anuroop Shahi No 0 0 0
Viv Beresford No 26 4 1
Leyton Lark Yes 1 0 0

Team A - Bowling Figures

Name Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Jinesh Ramachandran 2 0 7 2
Curtis Welsby 2 0 6 0
Gavin Smith 2 0 8 1
Stuart Fowell 2 0 15 1
Kevin Shute 2 0 10 2
Bradley Foard 2 0 10 0
David Pegg 2 0 12 0
Anthony Josey 2 0 9 2
David Hagelthorn 2 0 5 1
Paul Matthews 2 0 20 2

Mathews, warmed up from bowling the last 2 overs of the 1st innings, opened the batting with Pegg. Both players struggled to get the ball off the pitch as Anu and Jones bowled beautifully. Anu bowled a maiden 1st over and then Mathews was the first of Jones´s wickets as his right arm off spin continually beat the bat before hitting middle and off. Pegg followed shortly dismissed by a ball reminiscent of that which Shane Warne bowled Gatting in 1993. Fowell, on fire from his 20 not out from the last match, looked confident but was caught plumb LBW leaving Jones with figures of 2 overs, 0 maidens 3 wickets for 2 runs – a great spell from the young man.

This left Team A on 6 runs after 4 overs with 3 wickets down! However, this brought the Foard brothers Brad and Mitch to the crease. Stratton, Butynski, Morris, Carrington and Payne all bowled well but did not trouble the brothers as they slowly got themselves in. They were clearly enjoying themselves and putting into practise the many hours spent throwing touch downs in the back garden at each other. Mitch hit 3 sixes in his innings while brother Brad hit 4 fours. Proud Dad watched from the sidelines as the boys accelerated towards the 25 retirement score. However it proved illusive, for both. Brad (24) let slip his concentration to a well bowled ball from Lark, clipping his off stump. Anu was brought back into the attack for his 2nd over and dismissed Mitch (24), with a ball that rose off a length, hit his glove and looped for an easy catch to Perkins standing behind the wicket. The brothers had brought the team out of the clutches of defeat and Team B were now on 75 with 7 overs remaining chasing a run rate of just over 6 an over.

Hagelthorn was joined by Wellsby who looked very impressive with the bat. However, his stint was short lived as Beresford cleaned bowled him as he tried to finish the game early. Smith and Hagelthorn enjoyed 3 productive overs together, hitting boundaries off Saull, Beresford and Ward, pushing the score within reach before Hagelthorn retired and was replaced by Shute with 4 runs to win – which he promptly did off the last ball of the 17th over from Ward.

That concluded an afternoon of very enjoyable cricket, Team B wining by 4 wickets. The match was played in good spirit with some sparkling performances on both sides. There followed a BBQ which was heartedly enjoyed by the players and spectators.

The usual thanks go to all those that helped prepare the ground (thank you Graham), BBQ, tidying up afterwards and making the afternoon an enjoyable one. The Grittleton wicket proved to be the best that I have played on, in no uncertain terms due to the pitch preparation by our own Mr Saull who also worked tirelessly, as usual, looking after us all.

Team A - Batting Figures

Name Not Outs Runs No. 4's No. 6's
Paul Matthews No 0 0 0
David Pegg No 2 0 0
Bradley Foard No 24 4 0
Stuart Fowell No 0 0 0
Mitchal Foard No 24 0 3
David Hagelthorn Yes (Retired) 27 3 2
Curtis Welsby No 5 1 0
Gavin Smith Yes 6 1 0
Jinesh Ramachandran No 0 0 0
Kevin Shute Yes 4 1 0
Anthony Josey Did Not Bat

Team B - Bowling Figures

Name Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Anuroop Shahi 2 1 6 1
David Jones 2 0 2 3
Stratton 2 1 4 0
Jan Butynski 2 0 11 0
Andrew Carrington 1 0 2 0
Conrad Morris 1 0 10 0
Nigel Payne 2 0 19 0
Carl Froom 1 0 7 0
Leyton Lark 1 0 6 1
Richard Saull 1 0 12 0
Viv Beresford 2 0 14 1
Rob Ward 1 0 18 0


David just keeping an eye on the BBQ, and realising that its not yet cooking, after the match!


David just not keeping an eye on the BBQ after the match! Going the flame grilled options!

Photographs provided by Anthony Josey!