English Village Cricket:

An unforgettable travel experience

Brought to you by: Grittleton Cricket Club

Feel the crack of willow on leather

Grittleton Cricket Club is offering a unique cricket experience.

Picture yourself in a charming English village, not far from the city of Bath. It is about 1:30 pm on a Sunday afternoon in the height of summer. Before you is a playing field, and the air is filled with the scent of freshly-mown grass. In the center is a grass strip, 22 yards long. At each end stand three wooden stumps, bridged by two wooden bales.

You pad up, secure your helmet, take bat in hand, and take your guard at one end of the strip. At the other end is a bowler set to deliver a 5 ½ ounce leather-bound ball that is hard enough to break bones.

What happens next is up to you: defend your wicket with a straight bat, make a clever run-scoring stroke, or risk being bowled out with a swing for the boundary.

Afterwards, your GCC hosts will invite you to relax and enjoy the match. Join us for the mid-match tea and sandwiches. Help out with score-keeping. Let our players regale you with stories of cricket, village life, and life in general. Finish the day with us as we make our way over to the village pub after the match.

This offering is more than a unique experience of cricket as sport. It is an experience of English village life itself.

Beginner or Advanced

We designed a menu of three cricket experiences to provide a challenge for all skill levels

The Basic Batting Experience

This experience is suited for people who have never played cricket before. We strive to adjust the batting experience to match your physical ability. The better you are, the faster we bowl. While these times are subject to change, this is the script for the events on the appointed match day.

The day will include:

12:00 Arrive at Grittleton Cricket Club and tour the ground.
12:30 Get fitted for batting practice. Cricket ‘whites’. Pads, helmet, gloves, box.
13:00 Batting practice with coaching in the nets with a bowling machine.
13:30 On-field batting experience. Grittleton Cricket Club players take the field, with one umpire and then we bowl two overs (12 balls minimum).
13:45 Post-batting wrap-up with a coaching review, the award of team hat and photo with Grittleton Cricket Club team / twitter update.
14:00 – 19:00 Cricket match and after-match activity. Relax in the clubhouse and on the sideline during the match, help out with scoreboard updates, join Grittleton Cricket Club for a meal during the match tea and sandwiches break and finally join Grittleton Cricket Club at the local pub after the match.

Skills Challenages

We also offer a choice of skills challenges in which you can win a GCC team shirt (£23.95 value, limit one shirt per challenge). These challenges include everything in the basic batting experience, except we modify the on-field experience as described below.

Grittleton Cricket Club Shirt.
Win this shirt!

Here you will face two overs of competition-level bowling. If you hit a boundary shot against GCC, you win the team shirt.

In this challenge, the client bowls instead of bats. The bowling is a simple target challenge. Bowl one over (six balls). Hit the stumps, and you win the team shirt. A GCC umpire will disqualify illegal bowls. No extra bowls are given for wide balls or other no balls.

So download your brochure here for information.