The A to Z of Cricket at Grittleton

A...Average And ours have all gone to pot!!!
B...Ballard Penned by Nigel Payne, GCC official war poet, this is a gripping account of the league decider in 2006.
C...Captain Mickey the only one who wanted the role !!!!
D...Donald The Webmaster who doesn't know a bat from a ball!
F...Four Four runs. When the batsman hits the ball that travels over the boundary which touches the ground at least once.
G...Grittleton What else of course...
H...Hozat He's a gonna Ump... He's gotta be otherwise my average is ...
L...LBW.. Leg Before Wicket
M...Maiden When no 'runs' are scored in an over.
N...Nightwatchman This is a batsman who is sent in to bat at the end of the day's play in order to save better batsmen for the next day. As every member of the team has to bat, some are obviously going to be better than others.
O...Offside The area right in front of the batsman.
R...Runs This is when one of the batsmen hits the ball and both batsmen 'run'. One run is completed when the batsmen touches the 'crease' in front of the wicket that he's just reached.
S..Six Six runs. When the batsman hits the ball that travels over the boundary without touching the ground.
T...Teas Delicious, Scrumptious and the only reason we all play!
V..Victory Something which Grittleton Struggled to achieve last year...
W..Wickets The wickets we defend when batting and attack when bowling.
Z...Zzzzz Time to snooze....